Yes, a cat. That’s about as good as it gets for today. I hope you will concede that it’s a fine example of a cat and it’s definitely showing off its most handsome profile.

Something about it makes me think of Whistler’s mother. If you don’t know what I mean get yourself to the Musée d’Orsay and check it out. Back in the days when I was a freelance technician and “dole scum” (Pauline – League of Gentlemen) I was able to get into lots of major Parisian museums for free as well as sponging off the state (win-win situation). This is how I know about such impressive highbrow things and am able to share said quality remarks with you. I know you are secretly impressed.

Talking of art, here is a little composition of my own.

I know, you’re welcome.


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    1. I shall email Whistler forthwith and tell him to point his mother in the other direction. I know by experience this will be easier than negotiating with a cat.

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