They have promised us some disruption in the weather today coming from the east. I think that means more rain. School drop-off duties dealt with I stepped out sharpish as it was still bright and sunny.

On the road to Chandon a white minibus slowed down behind me. I turned around with a half-formed scowl on my face only to see a whole class of students from the Amboise Wine Academy. A class I was teaching no later than yesterday. They were being driven to a winery by Karine so I wished them a splendid day and they headed off toward Montlouis. I hope they don’t start tasting wine immediately. When I saw them it wasn’t nine o’clock yet.

At the fifteen minute point I met the horse from the photo. He always has a quizzical look on his face with those peculiar blue eyes.

In Chandon the people in this place have used millstones to line their flower bed. I wonder how you end up with so many millstones you have to find alternative uses for them?

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