Took a bike ride into the forest on the cycle path. Unsurprisingly there is water everywhere after a few, almost solid, months of rainfall. There was a dried up pond last time I went this far into the forest which is now really wet, or full; whatever. As I approached I disturbed a large cormorant which was splashing around on the far side of the pond. It took off really slowly, as they do, and wheeled around overhead to inspect the annoying human with bike and camera.

On the way back I stopped to try a few different settings on the new camera on these criss-crossed trees.

I was delighted to see this tractor completely mired in the mud. Delighted, of course, because it means that those people – who threaten us normal non-forest-owning folk with extreme violence if we dare stray into their personal forest space – are having a bad tractor day.

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