Here it is. Beautiful Chicken Street. Or Handsome Hen Street. One street away from Handsome Dark-Haired Man Street (or Attractive Brown Colour Street depending on your interpretation of « Beaubrun »).

Note the complete absence of chickens, handsome, attractive or otherwise. Also as streets go it’s rather narrow – more of an alley – so for the purposes of integrity and accuracy I will write to the Mayor and have him rename it Chickenless Alley. What do you think?

As you walk up the hill you go past an intriguing sign pointing you in the direction of the Obscure or Unknown Philosopher’s house. More intriguing still is this rusty old door:



Looks like our old friend Kush has been here and someone has added a cheery « death to the pigs! ». How jolly.

So the fifteen minute point is all the way up the hill and past a gated community (I didn’t know there was one here), the hospital and another sort of gated community full of tombstones. Cemeteries are always placed in sight of hospitals, or is it the other way around? Here’s a classic cross as seen in all the cemeteries in France.

20171004_084614  I had to take the picture over the wall. I was too early to visit. I shall have to find a route to get me here in the daytime.


Omnia mors aequat

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