Dragged Dad out for a fifteen minute walk along the Seine this morning. We were greeted by a small black puppy who was setting up some professional-looking fishing gear with his humans.

The river at Aizier is rather impressive. It’s very wide, often frequented by large ships and is affected by the tide despite being quite far inland. Mum tells me, any chance she gets, that the Seine is a proper river unlike the Loire which is messy and unnavigable.

We crossed the little bridge over the Blue Springs, a small river flowing into the Seine that has a distinct blue colour. The photograph doesn’t really do it justice (naturally – I am saving up for a proper camera, promise). One of my kids inexplicably fell into this river a couple of years ago when we were playing Pooh Sticks.

At the fifteen minute mark we pushed on a little to the next stream running into the river. This one provides even more opportunities for wringing out socks as you can see.

Walking back, Dad was just remarking on how quiet and calm it was when a loud crash scared the bejaysus out of both of us and a portly jogger with ear buds floundered past us apparently coming out of nowhere.

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