Here at Fifteen Minutes we have pulled out all the stops to bring you seasonal blog content. Look at this Christmas tree-shaped cone! How Christmassy can you get?

Our Christmas day walk in Chambourcy is, of course, the nostalgic Muddy Walk. There is a new feature on the Muddy Walk now in the form of a small pond or reservoir. It’s no fun though. There’s a high fence all around which means that in order to fall in the water you’d have to scale it first. Today there was a handsome golden duck on the pond. I wanted a photo of it, instead of the deplorable cone, but the limitations of my camera phone made themselves woefully evident once more.

We found this solitary and unusual looking lone duck a little strange. Why was he all alone? Especially on Christmas day! Why did he seem so tame and yet so un-photogenic? Full of puzzlement we pondered these mysteries as we continued up the hill.

Blurry Ruddy Shelduck or Brahminy Duck (this duck is sacred to Buddhists)

As we walked uphill between the gardens we came to a chicken run with some noisy occupants. Next to the chicken run there was a whole collection of poultry including Chinese Pheasants, Ruddy Shelducks or Brahminy Ducks, some other kind of nondescript ducks and various cockerels. The handsome golden duck on the pond obviously escaped from here. The pond is just a few hundred feet from here as the crow flies or more to the point as the Brahminy Duck flies. Brahminy ducks are not common hereabouts.

Mystery elucidated. It was rather elementary really. And we learned a new sacred duck.

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