Took off in the car to get motor fuel from, yes, Netto! With a full tank of Netto’s finest diesel I decided to check out the prosaically and aptly named CR 73.

I parked along the river and walked up to the steep path before realising that I was unprepared and had completely neglected to buy pepper spray. No doubt some of Netto’s high quality distillate could have done the trick but as I have said I was unprepared. So the dog yelled at me and I swore at it ineffectually.

The path took me up past a drinking water facility and a chicken run and came out on the road between the magnificent Château d’Amboise. and Caesar’s Butte. The butte is a rather underwhelming hill entirely lacking in any kind of Roman emperor of any description. I like the name though, particularly in English. In French, “La Butte de César” sounds rather grand and leads one to expect coliseums, aqueducts and broken columns. In English it doesn’t really disappoint.

There you go. Caesar’s Butte.

Met a sausage dog at the fifteen minute mark. It ran away before I could take it’s picture. Here’s some millet instead: