I have been getting sidetracked doing stupid things like work instead of getting out on my legs and taking pictures of limited interest and writing short passages of extreme mundanity.

So, camera slung around my neck, I strode off from the school drop-off this morning toward the river to see what I could see.

In the car park by the river an old man was sitting on a chair at the back of his van eating breakfast and listening to the radio. He looked about seventy. There were blankets and duvets in the back. Yesterday I did my weekly English workshop with some elderly residents in a comfortable, plush senior serviced residential community. The contrast was quite striking.

I walked past some yellowish flowers a little farther on and stopped abruptly – did I just walk into an Indian restaurant? These flowers smell of curry spices! Marvellous.

The metal gates in the main photo are, or were, used to regulate the flow of the Amasse river into the Loire. I don’t think they really work anymore.

On the way back the old man was still at the back of his van. He was shaving. A fellow stroller walked past me with a can of extra strong beer from Netto. It was almost nine o’clock.

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