Stormy wintry showers have kept me indoors all this week so I leapt at the opportunity to run an errand in Amboise this afternoon in between two downpours. Leapt is probably an exaggeration. I put my shoes on and went out is more accurate.

Sunday market stragglers were clearing up their stalls. The whereabouts of the fishmongers was clearly indicated by piles of crushed ice and there were seagulls and crows picking at the leavings here and there.

We often see seagulls around here when there’s stormy weather. I expect they follow the Loire upriver from Saint Nazaire.

The town centre was practically deserted. All but the most enthusiastic tourists are holed up in their hotels and B&Bs updating their facebook statuses or guzzling white wine or whatever it is you do when you’re stuck indoors in the Loire valley.

At the fifteen minute point I noticed these diagonal lines in the great big fortified wall of the Château d’Amboise. Looking closer I realised it must have been the gable end of a house at some point in the past. It only took me about fifteen years to notice that. Sherlock Holmes I amn’t!

A few yards away I was quite pleased to snap this haphazard collection of doors and windows in the big wall.

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