I set off from the pavement on the bank of the Loire after the bridge with the intention of following the river upstream. After a couple of minutes of breathing in car exhausts from the rush hour traffic I changed course and followed a steep footpath uphill past this flaky door and The Page’s House a little farther up. I rather like the effect of paint flaking off this door hence the picture.

There are some amazing looking houses in various states of disrepair up this path with views over the river and The Golden Island. They are magnificently placed but unfortunately they are all north facing with backs to the plateau on which the Château is built. On a miserable, dank and foggy day it seems a shame not to have a clear view to the south and a little more light.

At the top of the path I turned right and snapped the backside of the Château at the fifteen minute point.

Had I turned left I would have reached Caesar’s Butte. On the way up, next to a house where an old gent in a vest and braces was opening his shutters, I bumped into a curious looking tame pheasant wearing a bib, at least that was what it looked like. This was just after walking past someone’s garden where some intriguing stone sculptures of Uruk-hai lay here and there next to some abandoned cars and a pushchair. I will need a zoom lens to do justice to these works of art and, presumably, permission from the artist.

Before walking back down again I took a picture of this interesting looking contraption.

It’s an emergency siren. I don’t know if they still test these sirens every Wednesday at midday in France like they used to, causing a terrible and rather alarming racket. Having said this we live a little too far away from the town centre to hear them if they do.

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