The Loire crossed over the cycle path into the lake this week. I could see it from the road as I drove back from Tours a few days ago. I decided to go and check it out this morning. There is an embankment on either side of the path usually but today the level of the lake is right up to the metalled surface. The river has subsided on the other side but is still very high. I was most surprised to see a motor boat on the river yesterday at Montlouis. You never usually see anything with a greater draught than a canoe or the traditional flat-bottomed Loire boats. It doesn’t seem very probable that they could have been lost. Once you’re on the Loire there aren’t that many directions you can go.

There was some hesitant, watery sunshine as I stepped out of the house but it stayed with me all the time I was walking.

On the lake I saw my old friend the grebe. I’m pleased to announce he has a friend. Another grebe or a grebess perhaps. Could this mean we shall be seeing little grebelings in the summer? How exciting!

On the way to the lake I walked past the evangelical church (shack) where the faithful were gathering in large numbers and several bonfires were going. A little farther a car with a family of gypsies hurtled past me in the opposite direction, on the narrow road, honking their horn frantically and waving at me at the same time in a rather peculiar fashion.

Here’s a nice gate for you.

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