An old friend from Paris was in Tours for the Christmas show at the Grand Theatre. He was tap dancing in a French production of My Fair Lady. I wonder how “In Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen” was rendered in Molière’s language. I also wonder how tap-dancing can be relevant but hey, it’s show business!

We had lunch with him at the Taverne du something-or-other. It didn’t start too well, the waiter asked what we wanted. Our friend wanted the salmon bagel but without the onions. Sorry the onions are already in it. My wife requested the burger also without onions. Sorry the onions are already in it. I requested a different dish but with everything in it. the waiter looked relieved.

He went away, presumably to give instructions to the kitchen attendant employed to assemble the relevant foodstuffs. It was served and eaten in due course without relish. It cost about as much as regular cooked food might.

After lunch we walked to the town’s natural history museum to check out a really fascinating exhibition of ants.

On the way I snapped the above piece of street art.

In the summer I took this picture, also in Tours.

I have to share this with you. Spotted in the toilets at the ant museum.

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