Walked up the school road towards the town centre alongside a crocodile of impossibly noisy secondary school kids. I was relieved when they turned off the road to Saint Denis’ church. I continued along the main pedestrian street in Amboise past the chocolate factory, the Town Hall and the ophthalmologist’s. At the end of the street that runs under the great walls of the Château I stopped, snapped this beauty and came back.
The ophthalmologist was shut, worst luck, I need to pop in and get an appointment for one of my children. You can’t reach them by telephone, you see. They’re too busy. The last time I asked for an appointment for myself I was given a date eight months later. I found another solution thank goodness. It’s sorry state of affairs when you have to see everything blurry for almost a year.

Talking of seeing things, I see faces everywhere. Here’s another one…

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