I went for a walk on the wonderful Island of Gold in Amboise today and it was truly magical with a light dusting of snow. Here is a snowy Château.

I say a light dusting but the whole of France has ground to a halt. There are no buses, the schools are half empty, there are no cars on the road. This is actually good because snow is sufficiently rare that people are hopeless at driving in it.

I went to teach a class at the Lycée this morning and they told me none of the students had turned up. The students had all been told that I wasn’t coming in. It would appear the information had been diffused on Facebook. It’s interesting to see how fake news is manufactured and spread but for once I don’t think we can really put the blame on Zuckerberg or FB. They can’t be expected to monitor information of this kind and check facts. People are happy to take information at face value because it’s much nicer to stay at home with a mug of hot chocolate.

Anyhow back to the enchanted Gilded Atoll of Amboise where I spotted this majorly mistletoed tree at the fifteen minute mark.

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