Dropped the kids at the pool for swimming classes and went to the library to get some CDs to listen to. Laden with tunes and DVDs for the kids I took off round the back of the library. A municipal police car passed me up the hill and came to a stop next to a small gypsy camp. When I caught up with them they were questioning the travellers about something with notebooks open and the lady standing next to a caravan was denying everything.

Last time I was around here I took a wander around the garden of this house. It looked abandoned and overgrown. Looks like it’s suffered a bit of arson since. I wonder if that’s what the police were investigating?


It’s a nicely situated plot. Near the secondary schools and the library and up on a hill. You can probably see the château from the upstairs windows.

On the way back to the pool met this jolly looking log man


Beats gnomes anyhow. Ten out of ten for effort.

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