Now I’m no expert but these look like magic mushrooms to me. In any case this morning’s walk was magic with or without them. It was chilly out in the depths of Normandy where we have come to spend a weekend but the sun had definitely got his hat on (hip hip hip hooray!).

So today on my walk I saw some sheep, some cows (well, Normandy duh!) hordes of rabbits, some magic mushrooms, a crow (corvus corax) having an aerial fight with a sparrow hawk (accipiter nisus, I think but I can’t swear to it), the sewage plant, a fluffy black and white cat high-tailing it away from me, two donkeys, a lesser spotted woodpecker, a miniature horse, some scrawny chickens, another fleeing-not-so-fluffy cat and a big Alsatian dog that nearly barked at me but seemed to change its mind. I also saw a few humans. One was using a high powered water jet to clean his truck and another was crossing the road to go to the newsagents, café and tobacconists.

I’m quite pleased with the fifteen minute picture. I got the shrooms and the sunken footpath which is a common and distinctive feature of the countryside around here. Indeed, you often see trees planted in lines on the edges of fields or properties around here. As you can see in the second picture the lines of trees appear to be raised or the ground is lowered on either side. The roots of the trees intertwine and produce grotesque shapes. If I were any kind of naturalist I would tell you what kind of trees they are.

Alas I’m neither a naturalist nor a mycologist so read on if you want poor quality photography and incomplete information.

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