In between two appointments, rather than fail to accomplish anything in the forty minutes I had, I straddled my faithful Decathlon bike and set off to see how far I could get in fifteen minutes. The weather is exceptional at the moment and I wasn’t the only cyclist enjoying the late afternoon sun. I see more and more young retirees on electrically assisted bikes these days and today they were out in force. I also crossed the path of a few serious cyclists, you know, the kind that wears Lycra and avoids looking at me because I am riff-raff.

Without pushing too hard I almost reached the Aquarium. I turned into the road that goes to the rugby field at Lussault, just before the Aquarium, where there is a sign that says strictly no caravans. I was just about to u-turn when I saw the caravan coming towards me. You’re lucky, I was going to take a picture of a water tower next to the rugby pitch.

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