Late morning Sunday walk and the sound of gunfire echoed across the valley.

It was bright and sunny and the morning frost had disappeared almost everywhere. I headed west through Chandon and up towards the forest hoping to skirt it without meeting too many hunters. The fifteen minute picture shows just one of the many paths I will avoid unless in full body armour and dayglo coat, hat, trousers, socks and pants.

The box extension to the beautiful house I mentioned back in August is now finished with a nice parge coat. Its is still modern, boxy and incongruous. Check it out.

Up the hill next to an enclosure a lady was encouraging her border collie to jump over obstacles which it did at breakneck speed and with enormous enthusiasm. It was fun to watch.

I walked an extra ten minutes to avoid going back the same way and came across a hunter carrying a big shotgun broken in the crook of his arm at the edge of some woods accompanied by a big brown dog that jingled as it walked. I fail to understand why a hunter, presumably intent on using stealth to flush out his quarry, would want a jingly dog with him. Anyhow the hunter said hello to me instead of shooting me so I’m fairly happy with the rest of his reasoning.

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