New camera in hand I set off along the Cher completely forgetting to put the fifteen minute timer on. I turned back only when the path disappeared under water.

Before I got to this point I saw a lady walking two huge black hounds up ahead. As I approached I saw she was hunkered down with them whispering in their ears. They were very young despite their size and clearly very agitated. A third dog, just about huge-black-hound snack size, contemplated me with ill-concealed contempt. I walked past this strange little scene and turned back about half a mile farther on.

Coming back down the same footpath I saw the lady and her three companions again. This time she was yelling and gesticulating at the two black dogs which were bounding along the footpath hell-bent for leather clearly intent on knocking me down and ripping my throat out.

Happily they didn’t rip my throat out and just sniffed my hands and crotch briefly before bounding back in the opposite direction. The lady apologised politely for them when I was level with her again which I thought was nice.

Somewhere along the path I saw this lovely orange fungus. It is witch’s butter apparently and edible though I won’t be chancing it. Hope you like it!

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    1. That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
      With carrion men, groaning for burial.
      Ha, I bet no one expected me to ever quote Shakespeare…
      (should be ‘let slip’ by the way)

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