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So, today’s walk was rather disappointing. I decided to explore the wash house in a hamlet between Monteaux and Mesland in the departement of Loire et Cher. It is utterly boring and frankly not worth the detour. My camera yawned and refused to take pictures.

A stone’s throw from the wash house is the cemetery. Hurrah, I thought, cemeteries are always full of photo opportunities. Sadly, it was also really boring. They are not, of course, meant to be entertaining places and I don’t mean to offend anyone living or dead.

I walked uphill from there and saw some nice old rural buildings slowly crumbling into ruins and being eaten up by brambles. The camera stayed in my pocket.

So I took my sulking camera a little farther along the road where I took the mystery picture after having ignored a few “Danger – keep out!” signs. I will post another picture soon which will clarify today’s.

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