Mrs Wobblehat of Rowley Regis is incommunicado. I’m worried that she has been drowned in a flood of letters containing replies to the mystery photo quiz (and stamped addressed envelopes!).

The deluge of comments on the blog has not revealed a winner but I am committed to revealing the true nature of the object; hence the photos. It’s simply one of the thousands of water towers dotted all around the country. This one’s design is particularly pleasing. It stands over the village of Monteaux and is in an alarming state of disrepair. You can see it from the main road between Amboise and Blois but it’s not really detour-worthy. I am teaching someone nearby so I stopped on a sunny Monday and took these pictures for you.

View from Monteaux city centre

It’s lucky I had these pictures in stock because today’s walk in the rain, to the Post Office and bakery, was a wash out. It rained all the way there and all the way back. I am currently taking a second double coffee to wash out the rain.

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