Just in case you were looking for the definition of the word ‘nondescript’ check out the fifteen minute photograph.

Riveting, no?

You can just make out my local bottle bank a little farther along the road. It’s good to know it’s fifteen minutes away – kinda reassuring.

The buildings on the left are brand new apartments and behind me on the right is the brand new Vinopôle. I’m ashamed to say I have no idea what it is. I did think it was part of the agricultural college nearby but I’m wrong. In order to right this wrong I checked out the Vinopôle website. I still don’t know what it is. If you don’t know what something is within 10 seconds of opening a website then either it’s really not fit for purpose. Or it is and it’s art. Vinopôle isn’t art. Hmm, mysterious.


Here’s some street art next to the Vinopôle. Afro. Of course it is.

I wanted to avoid the country lanes and the forest so that I don’t get shot at but considering the volume of diesel vehicles that drive along this road at this time of day I might just die of poisoning from car exhausts before anyone mistakes me for a wild boar.

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