I went out just as the light was fading at ten past five this afternoon. We put the clocks back on Sunday and got an extra hour’s sleep so now we’re paying for it with shorter afternoons. I hate it when we change the clocks. The only time it’s at all pleasant is when you’re flying out of the country and you add or subtract half a dozen hours – you know it’s going to be a bit crazy for a couple of days but it’s worth it. In Autumn and Spring it’s just depressing. I remember reading an article that said that the number of clinically depressed people rises sharply just after the clocks change.

The featured photo was taken a few dozen steps from the fifteen minute point. It stands on top of a gate post and, if you squeeze it, it grunts. John, the owner of the pig is a friend from school. No, he doesn’t go to school – we have kids in the same class. Just as I snapped the the picture of the pig he came out of his house to take out the bins. And squeeze his pig.

Here is the fifteen minute picture.

I prefer the pig.

So does John.

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