Dropped the car off at the garage for a check up and took my bike along in the back. It was supposed to be an hour’s work so I thought I’d do my fifteen minutes on two wheels for a change with the additional bonus of a different start point.
Into the forest near the mini chateaux and after a couple of right turns found a path going into the forest. The path started in a clearing where various debris were strewn next to the cold remains of a fire. There was the casing of a PC, some Venetian blinds, a car wheel rim and a small crate of rather nice square tiles.


I’m always wary in the forests around here. They have signs up saying “Shooting with LIVE amunition”. I tend to take paths where there are no signs and wander along. Inevitably I find myself miles from anywhere and all of a sudden there are signs everywhere saying trespassers will be shot on sight. I do miss the friendly English footpath sometimes.

The garage took an extra hour to finish up. I sat and read Paris Matches and left the place brain dead.

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