Dragged the family out of its screen-and-food-over-indulgence-induced stupor onto the muddy path at the back of the house, down the lane to the main road and onwards to the lake.

Storm Carmen has brought us mild temperatures but some strong wind. The surface of the lake was very choppy.

We turned back after about twenty minutes, abandoning our plan to circumnavigate the lake, because of a threatening black sky and some big rain drops. We were also walking into the wind which is never much fun. After a brisk about-turn at the walnut tree on the lakeside we had hardly gone a hundred more metres when the sun came out unexpectedly and allowed for a handful of photographs (which was lucky because the fifteen minute pictures were a dead loss). The main picture shows the distinctive avenue of plane trees at the entrance to Amboise. These trees are really quite stunning in all the seasons, winter is no exception.

90 seconds of sunshine!

We came back via the old wash house and squished back home through the muddy field. On the way I saw this interesting arrangement set into the old front wall of a house.

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