The Loire is notoriously dangerous for swimmers as this sign points out


It’s not quite what you’d imagine. I always thought quicksand existed only in Africa and you only ran into it if you were being chased by aggressive native African tribesmen or mangy looking lions. If you were valuable to the plot, Johnny Weissmuller would come and pull you out with a handy liana. You’d better not be second assistant explorer or, God forbid, aggressive native African tribesman three – you’d be done for.

Here is the fifteen minute picture. The Island of Gold in Amboise, beginning to look autumnal. I just noticed there is a wood pigeon frozen in mid-flight. On the sand banks in the river were dozens of ducks, geese and seagulls. Cormorants loomed about menacingly with wings outstretched, perfecting their Jesus impersonations.

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