Spending a few days in Nice to see the sea and get away from it all. As you can see I refrained from the rather clichéd heading of Nice in Nice and I’m sure you’re thanking me for it.

I, rather bravely, took a dip in the bay at the foot of Villefranche sur Mer before walking around the charming, winding streets and passages of the town. The afternoon was only somewhat spoiled by having to let two buses go past to get back to Nice. The third bus had us squeezed up against strangers and inhaling halitosis and armpits. Thankfully the town is replete with excellent ice cream establishments. Sampling their products repeatedly helped us forget the stinky bus.

On the 8th we made the mistake of going to sit on the beach. It was, of course a national holiday and it was so crowded people were actually sitting on our towels. Still we sat there for a couple of hours enjoying the view of big airliners streaking past us to land at the airport only a few kilometres away.

Now here’s something you don’t see every day, a leather clad bodiless biker’s arm sticking out of the side of a pulpit holding up a crucifix – spotted in the Cathedral I think.

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