After lunch I nipped out between rain showers and was rewarded by some beautiful sunshine. Looking back at one point I snapped the rainbow (below) and the view north to the other side of the Loire valley. Ahead of me to the east the sun glinted off the golden orb that tops the Pagoda at Chanteloup.

I did the same walk I started my Fifteen Minutes blog with, back on the 31st of July, almost four months ago. This time I managed to get about a hundred metres farther and so the fifteen minute picture is well inside the forest on the cycle path and the trees have changed colour rather dramatically.

It’s the season for woodpeckers and jays. Everywhere I go I hear the hysterical scream of Green Woodpeckers and the bad-tempered scolding of Eurasian Jays. Both fly around in a big hurry probably stashing food away for the winter. I’ve seen lots of the more discreet Great Spotted Woodpecker too, drumming on tree branches in the garden.

Just for good measure here is the picture I took earlier in my walk just in case the sun were to hide away and the rain clouds open up again. The sun reminds me of the happy baby peeking over the clouds in Teletubbies. I did get a slight shower on the way out of the forest going home but, so far in four months of walks I’ve only been properly rained on once.

Half an hour after getting home – it’s absolutely heaving it down with rain in glorious sunshine.

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