From the school drop-off I walked uphill past the private Catholic school where a white pantechnicon was parked, facing the wrong way and completely blocking the road. Parents wishing to drop their children at school were looking concerned but exercising great restraint. There was no chorus of klaxons no tootling or trumpeting. I was most impressed – had it been in Paris it would have rapidly descended into gnashing of teeth, chaos, rioting and bloody murder.

Onwards into ‘Rue de la Pierre Qui Tourne’…now, what’s it to be? The Stone Which Turns Road, Turning Stone Road, Revolving Rock Road?

This is not a good itinerary. Too many people I know. It’s bad enough seeing other parents at school without seeing more parents at the private school. Revolving Rock Road has a good ring to it but as a road to walk along it’s a little disappointing. Mick Jagger doesn’t even live here which is a shame. I’m told Sir Mick lives out beyond Bricomarché, the home improvement emporium, in a place called Fork Castle. People around here will swear that they’ve seen him out buying packets of nails but I’m sure it’s all bunk. He wouldn’t know what do do with a packet of nails.

For the fifteen minute picture I just reached my local bottle bank. Almost the same place I arrived on the 21st of September. A little way up this road that takes you to the back of the Wine School there is an old observatory. I’ve been meaning to get up close to it for years. As you can see from the picture (if you squint sufficiently towards the middle of the picture) I’m still a long way off. I’ll get there one day


On the way back I took a short cut. There is a quick way to the Netto car park from Revolving Rock Road – you have to take the Stinky Stairs. I no longer have to take these stairs quotidianly I’m exceedingly glad to report but they were useful for dropping kids off in the little school. Needless to say there is nowhere to park when dropping off your little geniuses for their daily quota of enlightenment so I always park in my favourite car park and walk a little way. For the little school this involved going up the Stinky Stairs on tiptoe, going round enormous turds, broken beer bottles, condoms and the occasional snogging/smoking/sleeping teenager(s). Quite an education for nursery school kids!

Here are the Stinky Stairs…


…looking quite clean in fact.

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