What a cafuffle. A BMW stuck in the sand at the water’s edge, a handful of rich kids standing, sitting, scratching their heads, waving shovels around, the tide coming in, a fire truck emptying out its water reservoir. I ploughed on past them quite incurious about how they got themselves into such a pickle, past fishermen sitting behind vertical fishing poles (and quite clearly not catching anything), stranded jellyfish, joggers, dog walkers and youths in the dunes passing a bottle round. This is not how I imagined my first early morning walk at the seaside. With the exception of the jellyfish perhaps. I was imagining clear empty beaches all for me, me, ME.
Here’s the sun rising. It rarely disappoints.

Walking back the fire truck had pulled the automobile out of its hole and as I took out my camera to immortalise this poignant moment the driver gunned the engine and roared off the beach. The firemen shouted and waved their arms about. They probably thought the driver had done a runner. He had stopped on the ramp off the beach and was grinning like an ape when I walked past him. I hope it’s going to cost him. Jerk.

Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto.