A family outing to the Grandes Fontaines this afternoon. We love coming here. I think it’s being exposed to the great, enormous, vast expanse of sky. The Grandes Fontaines is a curious little sanctuary of dry grasslands most notable for its several species of wild orchid.

Our walk takes us along a little river valley, that runs down to the Cher, and back up onto the plain again where there are several fields usually with various sized horses in them. Last time we came there were dozens of tiny Shetlands skipping around. Today there are no horses of any description only some strange (presumably grassland) birds and a solitary shaggy goat a few fields away. The place obviously doesn’t get much attention. I can’t remember ever meeting anyone walking around there in the two or three years we’ve been going and nobody we mention it to seems to have heard of it.

I think we should try to keep it that way.

Some of that sky… and a miniature snowman

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