Cold and humid down by the Loire today. I stopped next to the bridge to snap a foggy Château when a couple of herons started wheeling around a few feet above the surface of the water. Perhaps their intention was to steal a very large fish from the beak of a nearby cormorant who seemed to be having difficulty with it. Whatever they were doing it was very impressive and not at all discreet and discretion is their usual modus operandi. The cormorant eventually choked the fish down and the herons disappeared to the other side of the bridge to stalk small fish in the shallows.

Dozens more cormorants were sitting lugubriously on the piers of the old bridge a hundred or so metres from the main bridge. The old bridge is broken and so useless except for cormorants who like to sit there, looking gloomy, and dry their wings.

A little farther I came across Leonardo sitting naked next to the river, as you do in November when it’s 1°C. He has a very shiny willy I’m not sure I should share it with you…Leonardo Da Vinci is very much the mascot of Amboise a bit like Tony the Tiger for Kelloggs Frosties or Julio Pringles. When you see Leonardo you immediately think Amboise. Don’t you.

Here is Leonardo’s burnished penis.

Do not scroll down any farther if you don’t wish to see a bronze appendage. You have been warned.


All traffic was stopped over the river yesterday afternoon after the discovery of a dead body at the foot of the bridge. I mention this rather macabre incident because you shouldn’t think that Amboise is boring. It’s not all just herons, sinking boats and mascots with shiny genitals.

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