In Amboise get more boggle for your pound!

My apologies to those of a sensitive nature for the more than usually repulsive photograph published, nonetheless, in the interest of the furtherment of progress in the natural sciences.

Here’s an interesting one. Proof that the elusive skvader (more information here) really exists. The wings of a bird, the sturdy jumping legs of a hare this is unquestionably a Tetrao lepus pseudo-hybridus rarissimus L. Sadly a little flattened. Seen out on the main road to Tours outside a friend’s house.

Henrik Sendelbach, Skvader sign, CC BY-SA 3.0

These animals only usually live in Sweden where they have the appropriate road signs to warn on-coming traffic.

This is not a fifteen minute walk picture, but I thought I should share it. The roadsign is courtesy of Henrik Sendelbach. All the walks this week were to the wash house where we experimented with more boats.

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