We need biscuits. So, after dropping off the children, I headed to the other side of Amboise in the car. I had to stop off at the Post Office in the industrial estate west of the town to get a registered letter. The previous day the postperson, in their infinite wisdom, did not see fit to knock on the door to deliver it to me and, instead, left a yellow slip in my letterbox forcing me to drive into the industrial estate in the rain where in a labyrinth of low grey buildings disposed around nondescript roads and all inadequately signposted I eventually found the place. Five minutes later I found the car park and the actual window where another postperson shuffled about apathetically before handing over my new chequebook. Not the best start to a day.

So I drove on to the local hypermarket and parked. My fifteen minute walk took me up a small one-way road over the Amasse river and all of a sudden this rather unexpected stately home. I indulged in some mild trespassing to get a closer look and this picture. The fence had been dismantled so there was no real breaking and entering.

About the Amasse river, which empties into the Loire in Amboise – I’ve seen it referred to as “La Masse” previously and apparently no one knows if it’s one or the other. The curious thing is that in spoken French it makes absolutely no difference whether it’s La Masse or L’Amasse. It only becomes a little complicated if you are trying to find it in an alphabetical list.

On the way back I made a rather poor decision to follow this little river on its other bank. My thirty minutes of walking turned into a fifty minute round trip and I had to hurry to fill up on biscuits.

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