Down to Old Port, on the Seine, for a family walk in the bitter cold. It’s absolutely beautiful weather but the wind is blowing straight from the Siberian Steppe. The tide is rising and a great big blue Dutch tanker is making the most of it ploughing upriver and ignoring the small boy and grown-up fifteen-minute blogger gesticulating on the banks in the hope of a blast from his foghorn. Upriver is a big stationary yellow dredger apparently not doing much. We speculate on the chances of the two ships crashing into one another – it seems inevitable.

We come across the evidence of the recent flooding a little farther along on our way to the Blue Springs. Mostly driftwood but all kinds of flotsam and jetsam. Curiously, I note an inexplicably large number of solitary flip flops or jandals everywhere. And the occasional arm.

We turned back at the Blue Springs. Disappointingly, no one fell in. Also disappointingly the tanker and the dredger managed to avoid colliding.

Saw this strange skull on the way back.

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