You know you’ve got a bad habit when your friends paint the walls of your home town to tell you about it.

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood and, in fact, JP is questioning the wisdom of continuing to smoke weed. Whatever.

The first day of November and France grinds to a halt so that everyone can go and pay their respects to their dearly departed.

We got a picnic together and did a château. So my fifteen minute picture doesn’t actually reflect a specific point in the excursion. It was chosen from the dozens of pictures I took in Langeais Château. Mostly of the floor I’m afraid. Langeais has some wonderful tiled floors with which I was most impressed.

A lot of the rooms inside were really dark, apparently for artistic effect. The only effect it had on me was to make me squint. Anyway, as châteaus go, it had the requisite large number of rooms furnished in a particularly old fashioned style with titbits of historical information here and there which I read and promptly forgot. On the top floor you can walk around the guards’ patrol walkway which provides some good views and some antique (and not so antique) graffiti etched into the soft stone walls which I found amusing. To discourage this kind of vandalism they have set up a wall of new stone where you’re encouraged to scrape your own message.

Not guilty guv. It was in fact Christine

Locked up behind this dungeon door there is a despondent stuffed bear.

The gardens are very pretty and we had our sandwiches next to the fountain in the sunshine. It was lovely.

Behind the remains of the older château in the grounds – a tenth century construction, I believe – there is a reproduction of some scaffolding made with twisted logs and bits of rope which you can climb on. They don’t recommend being more than twelve on it at any time. That would make for about a tonne of average-sized tourists. I hope they’ve left a margin, there are lots of good things to eat and drink around here. Average-sized tourists can rapidly become large tourists if they hang around Touraine for too long.

A bit farther up the grounds there is huge cedar tree with an amazing tree-house and a swing set and a slide.

An excellent day out was had by all, we thoroughly recommend it.

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