Not been getting out much for various reasons. Here’s a quick one from Sunday morning on the way out to get lemons from the ultra hard discount supermarket Netto. I love Netto, you get such a nice class of shopper there. Trolleys full of purple cans of high alcohol beer and wine in plastic bottles.

There are a couple of ladies I see there frequently on Fridays, they must be in their early thirties. They fill their trolley with Netto’s own brand 11.6° beer, cakes, quality processed pork products, TV dinners, and cat food. As soon as they waddle out of the shop panting with the exertion they light up their cigs and pack it all into the boot of their “no license” car. Ultra hard discount hedonists gearing up for a weekend of non-stop debauchery.

It’s nice cycling through Amboise on Sunday mornings. It’s chock-a-block with cars looking for parking spaces but you can just breeze through them. I got this far and a hyper active dog started a barking fit behind the white gate.


Now I really need to know where CR 73 goes. I must remember to bring some pepper spray for the dog next time I go exploring.

Ad augusta per angusta.

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