How’s that for a title? You come across strange symmetries in all kinds of places.

We went to visit some folk in one of the cemeteries in Tours today. Flowers were placed. Thoughts were collected. Then we moved on.

This place is particularly big. In fact, I discovered today that it’s a lot bigger than I thought as I wandered round with my camera. Sadly the sculpture isn’t up to much on the whole but there are some nice stained glass windows in the little buildings that stand over the family vaults. I have fond memories of walking around a graveyard in Milan where the sculptures were phenomenal.

There are lots of great names here. My favourite is a soldier who died in 1914 called Aimable Modeste (likeable and modest). Beats being called Unfriendly Conceited.

I shall leave you with this very green grave that looks like a comfortable bed and seems to be collapsing in on itself.

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