The special effects and lighting teams did us proud today, rolling out the heavy duty smoke machine and putting a sixty million megawatt floodlight behind the Château d’Amboise. The shadow of the Château cast onto the smoke is particularly impressive. Thanks to the FX and LX crews. This picture was taken from the downstream end of the Golden Island near the youth hostel. I’m not sure it’s a youth hostel per se. It’s run by the local MJC, House of Youth and Culture and you can sleep and eat there cheap.

Smoke machine running out of steam

In the market car park there was a stationary Dutch flower truck. From a side door the trucker was loading flowers into someone’s vehicle. On the top part of the driver’s cab next to a picture of a lovely red rose it said “Torture Chamber N°2” in cheerful lettering. I don’t make this stuff up you know.

Here is the other bank of the river looking northwest. There’s a dead tree looking like a large crab with its legs sticking out of the water. I know. I have an over-active imagination.

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  1. Chris, congratulations for your beautiful pictures. You have great talent of a photograph like David Hamilton with his « blurring » effects. When I was young, I saw a movie « Excalibur » with a similar effects with this atmosphere where dragoon was the Merlin’s power and the musics were so good!! This morning, did you see Arthur on the top of the castle? And the crab in the middle of the river could be the dragoon. So, I think that you aren’t alone to have imagination but in our brains we have the spirit of the children….


    1. What an excellent film that was! I haven’t seen it for years. I used to have it on VHS but it seems to have disappeared (I don’t have anything to play it on now anyway). Glad you like the pictures. I need to invest in a digital camera. The camera phone has its limitations…

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