Had to leave very early yesterday hence missing post.

Hampshire today.
Lovely to find footpaths with signposts – one feels catered for.

There are lots of ancient yews along the path. Bumped into a couple of cousins of my deer friend from the other day. Curious how in France the deer looked at me indignantly and then disappeared. Here I surprised this pair on the footpath but they seemed kind of happy to see me. Then instead of disappearing they bounced around showing off like a couple of kids and then lost interest and left me alone.

Reminds me of the story about two camper vans crossing the desert in opposite directions. They are both English. They cross one another on the road, wave and continue their travels. In each of the vans the couple say to each other, “Oh fancy seeing someone from home here! They looked nice.”

Two other campers vans cross one another in the same desert. This time they’re French. They cross but don’t wave. In each of the vans they scowl and mutter, “Of all the people we could have met in the middle of nowhere they had to be bloody French!”

Ancient yew trees and deer playing hide and seek.

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